Ways to Save Money on Keeping Your Home Cool

Ways to Save Money on Keeping Your Home CoolI’m sure everyone would agree with me that they wish their utilities bills were lower. So what are some ways to cut down on cooling bills? There are many things you can do to save money and still keep your home cool. First, you can close of any rooms you don’t use during the day. Shut the blinds, close the vents, and shut the door. This will help the air conditioning not to have to spread to more square footage that isn’t being used. By eliminating extra space, you can have your air conditioning on for less time because it doesn’t need to cool off such a large area.

Second, you could sign up for utility reward programs. Some companies offer cash incentives for allowing them to cut off your cool air for designated time periods during peak hours of the day. Sure your home might get a little warm during various points but you’ll be getting cash incentives.

Third, it is important to keep your air conditioning units clean. Consider replacing the filters at least once every three months if not more regularly. As dirt accumulates in the filter the unit has to work harder to get the air through. Keeping them clean allows more efficient flow.

Fourth, you can seal in the cool air. Look for any leaks around windows or doors in your home where the cool air can escape. Consider purchasing some caulk and weather stripping in order to make sure the areas are air tight. If you need a good referral for a window company consider looking into Grand Rapids Windows. Back in 1980 the industry switched to more energy efficient windows and this company is on the right track. They can help you get aesthetically pleasing windows for your home that’ll help keep the cool air in.

Fifth, you may consider using a fan. This is something my husband and I found works great in helping to regulate the temperature and helps to keep the bills low as the AC is on for less time.

Sixth, another trick my husband and I used this past summer was programming our air conditioner to turn on about 30 minutes before we would get home from work. This allowed the house to be hot all day when we weren’t in it and to start getting cooled off right before we got home.

Seventh, something that may seem a bit strange is to pay attention to the plants around your home. If you have plants around your air conditioning unit allowing it to be shaded it can help to improve the unit’s efficiency by up to 10%. This is something I wouldn’t think of, but something very simple to implement.

Eighth, you can spend time in the lower parts of your home. If you have a basement that is the ideal place to spend most of your time while you are home when it is hot outside because often basements have few windows so they stay pretty cooled off naturally.

Ninth, try not to bake or cook on the stove. Using these will naturally make the temperature of your home rise and necessitate you to turn on the AC to cool off.

Finally, another thing which might seem silly is to hop in the shower for a minute to cool off instead of cranking the AC on.


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