Troubleshooting Refrigerator Problems

Troubleshooting Refrigerator ProblemsIf any of your home appliances is causing you trouble, don’t rush into fixing it yourself. Yes it is probable that it is only a false alarm, but after checking for these obvious possibilities and assuring they are in order, it is strictly recommended that you do not try and fix it yourself. If the guarantee has expired than check the manual to get to know the possible malfunctions in order to acknowledge what could have gone wrong and estimate the damage to be fixed before anyone starts repairing it. This way you will be ahead of the game and well informed on the probable total cost. Listed below are a few tips to help you recognize and solve a potential problem with your refrigerator.

  • When your refrigerator is not responding at all, meaning it does not have any electrical power flow, than you should probably check upon the cords. Make sure the power cord is plugged in all the way, and it is not damaged whatsoever in its length. In addition, if the refrigerator is indirectly connected to the outlet by an extension cord, remove the extension cord for it may be defective. If all the above is in order than check voltage of the outlet with a multi meter and voltage tester.
  • Temperature and airflow are also potential trouble starters if not set with the right prerequisites. If the light works properly which means the power supply is proper, but the refrigerator still does not function, make sure the temperature is set to the right value. It should be set between 3 to 4◦C for the refrigerator and between -15 to -18◦C for the freezer. Also provide an empty space of 2.5cm at the top, and 7.5cm at the back side of the appliance in order for it to have a proper airflow and work efficiently.
  • If your refrigerator has been letting out loud noises and sounds while plugged in and turned on than that Is a condition to be revised by a professional service. There are five potential prerequisites associated with a noisy refrigerator: the fan blade, the condenser fan motor, the evaporator fan motor, the compressor and the water inlet valve. The service you will hire should check the performance of each of the parts and test it in order to find the flaw and repair it.

There is a reason why appliances services exist and it is to provide a fast and effective way to solve the defect, while keeping you out of potential safety issues. If you are having trouble finding one, the internet is always the fastest way to get to the best rated one out of all the local services. Check out Atlanta’s Service Max and their offers followed by highly trained technician.



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