Trimming back brush and weeds

Clearing your garden can be a real pain, but without proper maintenance your verges and lawns can become overgrown with weeds and pesky grasses. Ideally, you should get your hands on a regular garden strimmer or brush cutter, which should make light work of any pesky weeds. These can be used in conjunction with your lawn mower to keep your property in good condition throughout the year.


Most brush cutters are hand held, which makes them great for neatening up grassy verges.


Check your equipment before starting work, checking your petrol levels, safety equipment and straps and are in good order before starting – you dont want any mishaps whilst the machine is in full swing.

Also ensure you are wearing suitable clothing, such as well fitting work overalls or strong trousers, to reduce the chances of being cut by the cutting blades. For correct safety, always wear ear defenders and goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris whilst using the brush cutter.

Before lowering the brush cutter to the required area, first check for any glass, rocks or potential debris which may break the cutter while in use. Work gradually, walking slowly along the verge until all of the overgrown area has been trimmed back to the required height.

Be sure to keep on top of trimming your verges, as these can often become saturated with weeds and nuisance plants, which will only make your gardening work more difficult throughout the year.

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