Think about interior design!

Having been on a DIY hiatus as of late, i thought i would think get stuck into another passion of mine – interior design and collectables. You might have read other posts of mine, inlcluding making your own compost heap amongst other various gardening tips, so it makes a nice change to move inside for this post.

Interior design is a skill that, unfortunately many of us never dedicate much time to over the course of our lives, we often go buy the trends and traditions of others and mould our homes accordingly. With a little work on your behalf, styling your living spaces can be a rewarding and exciting activity.

Whilst the kitchen and garden both need continual work and maintenance to keep them looking great – i find the living room and bedroom are of most importance in my home. This is where my family spend alot of their time, so i strive to make this area comfortable and inviting! Because of this i try to focus my interior design skills here, with furniture, paintings, flooring and ornaments all playing their own role in making these spaces complete.

Collectables, like cars, figurines and mementos are great for adding a personal touch to your home. Don’t go overboard though!


I am a fan of classic wooden furniture in the bedroom, to add a comforting, warm feel. My wardrobe and cabinets all are made by my own hands, so that gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I also like to keep a bright and airy feel, which includes incorporating a range of pictures and photo frames around my furniture. If you feel comfortable in your surrounding i find you will sleep much much better.

Whilst my parents like to decorate their living room with Compton and Woodhouse figurines, artwork and various flower arrangements, my styling has to accomodate my children, who are prone to breaking such fragile things!  I have decided to go for my very own collectables, such as my neutral, matching furniture as it compliments the ‘cosyness’ factor this room tries to instill.

Whilst im no Llawrence Llewlyn Bowen, i do feel that good home DIY projects are almost useless if the interior of your home doesnt truely relfect your tastes and ideas. Perhaps this weekend, concentrate on the inside your home before you think of the outside.

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