Taking Care of Your Yard

Every season of the year brings with it challenges in taking care of your yard. Whether you enjoy doing yard work yourself or prefer to use landscaping services Fort Wayne IN, it is important to be aware of the needs of your lawn and other landscaping elements throughout the year. Here are the important things you should know about taking care of your yard each season:

  • Spring – The season of revitalized growth for your lawn and other landscaping elements. When spring approaches it is time to revitalize your lawn through the use of fertilizers and other treatment options. Many lawns receive extra benefits from aeration or dethatching. Aeration allows for new growth to happen within the lawn and dethatching removed any buildup of dead clippings that prevent new growth. Use a quality fertilizer that helps with new emerging grass. Consider all of your other landscaping elements such as flowering beds, shrubbery, and trees. Spring is also the time for planting new perennials and adding new elements to your landscaping.
  • Summer – The season of mowing and watering your lawn. To have a quality lawn year round you should continue using a quality fertilizer or lawn feed after each mowing. This will help to ensure that your lawn continues to have the nutrients it needs to grow thick and healthy. Water is important during hot summer months. Often people over water their lawns. Your lawn should only need to be watered on average every other day. Care should also be taken to ensure that flowering beds and other shrubs and trees get the amount of water they need.
  • Fall – Often considered the clean-up season, fall is when you begin to prepare your lawn for winter. During the fall you will be raking leaves, doing final mowing on your lawn, planting bulbs for spring flowers, and ensuring that your lawn is given the right fertilizer that will provide the nutrients it needs during the winter and to begin preparing it for the next season. Not only should you pay close attention to preparing your lawn for winter, your flower beds need some time and attention as well. Cut down flowering plants that can be trimmed, cover sensitive annuals, and create a plan for next year’s flowers.
  • Winder – During the winter when your lawn is covered in snow there is not much you need to do maintain your lawn every day, but you can be aware of your lawn and protect it from extensive damage. Watch for areas where snow or ice continually builds up and work to break it apart for better drainage. Watch flowering beds for pooling water that could cause drainage issues or problems for planting next season. Most importantly, your yard work in the winter months will consist of snow removal.

Every season of the year brings with it a new challenge for your yard. You can be prepared to provide the care and nutrients necessary to keep your lawn looking great all year round. You can learn to do all of the care yourself or work with quality professionals that can provide lawn services as well.


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