Protecting trees at winter

It’s getting cold around these parts right now, so it’s time to start thinking about protecting your trees and perennials from the potentially damaging cost and frosty conditions. Problems can include cracking, decay and root problems which could cause the tree to die if not prepared for correctly. By following a few of these easy tips, your favourite trees will ride out winter and enter spring without a hitch.

Don’t leave it too late to fertilise and prune your tree adequately – The tree will need all of the energy it can to survive winter, so by pruning of any dead branches and topping up its nutrient supply, you give it a fighting chance during colder times. You don’t want to do any extreme pruning, but anything dead is good to go. Make sure you trim these off carefully to prevent any further damage to the still living parts of the tree.


Try and prevent your tree from getting too icy


Also try and find yourself a good tree fertiliser, which can be found in your local garden store. This will help keep the tree topped up with the compounds it needs for growth and repair.

Give your tree some winter clothing – In some regions of the country, you will see trees wrapped with insulation to protecting them from the snow and frost. This is a great idea if you suffer from extreme temperatures during the winter. Natural burlap or commercial tree wrap is great here, and can be found from your garden centre. The additional protection gives the tree a better chance to fight off frost damage throughout winter. The wrapping will also prevent certain critters, including birds, squirrels and insects burying into the tree for protection from the cold.

Although most of the time it is not necessary to protect your trees, large scale damage to plant life can be costly, so a low level of preventative action will help save your favourite garden features from taking damage during the winter months

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