New Furniture Trends

New furniture trends come and go all the time. However, as technology advances several furniture trends are emerging that could really give your home a new lease on life. Modern furniture trends include a move towards incorporating electronics and ease-of-access needs into everyday home furnishings.


Gone are the days of the all-out entertainment center. Most people prefer to have their television mounted in the air. However, this has brought low slung storage pieces back into vogue, with television storage centers still essential for keeping accessories organized. The length to width ratio of the storage center complements the shape of the television, and having the center not only provides function but prevents the television from feeling unbalanced with white space below. Make sure the center size works for your needs: are you a gamer with several consoles and maybe a cable box or DVR? You’ll need drawers or shelf space for the games in addition to the hardware, as well as enough room in the rear to thread cords through to the wall or television.


It’s not just the function of furniture that’s seeing new trends come into action; textiles are experiencing their own Renaissance; most prominently pleather. While leather has long reigned king among favored fabrics, these days as synthetic manufacturing improves people are looking more and more to pleather alternatives. For the Earth concious consumer, pleather couches allows their family to have all the benefits of leather without any of the moral concerns. Additionally, pleather is often cheaper than leather because it’s a much less labor intensive process. Many different styles of furniture come in pleather equivalents, including couches, arm chairs, and dining room seats.

Speaking of dining room furniture, current trends have pushed out massive tables in favor of form factors more convenient for modern living. Smaller tables and nooks, which can be purchased at the Madison Furniture Store, work better for families that enjoy meals out on the go more often than in a dining room. For computer users, these spaces often become work areas, and some more experimental pieces include holes or mounts on table legs for threading wires through, blurring the line between dinner table and desk.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to stay modern with the most talked about trends, you’re living at the right time. While the luxurious have gotten more beautiful than ever, modern living has brought new function to furniture pieces previously relegated to only a few activities. So whether you’re considering purchasing a new dining nook, TV storage center, or maybe even just looking to switch up the materials on your love seat, visit a store today to get a better idea of what will look great in your home.


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