Hurricane Proofing your Home

Hurricane Proofing your HomeIf you make your home in a hurricane zone than you are familiar with the damage this type of storm can cause. Powerful winds can tear away doors, debris can make its way through walls and the storm can immerse the lower portion of your home in water. You must take precautions to safeguard your home, particularly the roof by contacting a roofing company. If your roof is not properly secured, then when a hurricane hits, tiles and shingles may be blown off, as well as water entering the home.

When a hurricane is coming, you first want to know the exact type of roof that you have. Keep in mind that there are improvements that can be made to the house to protect it from the destruction of hurricanes. Currently there are eighteen U.S. states that are prone to hurricanes. These states which include Virginia and Florida have particular building codes that must be followed in order to protect a home. These two states are classified as having the highest ranking for their enforcement of building codes. These codes focus on the protection of doors, windows and roof.

For safety, a roof in the state of Florida is limited to particular shapes that permit ideal drainage and they must be sure to follow the building requirements according to the type of material the roof is made of. A home that has a gabled roof is especially prone to hurricane damage due to high winds. This type of roof can be strengthened by adding more braces in its trusses at the ends of the gable. Be sure to contact a roofing company because they can add galvanized hurricane straps to secure a roof to the walls properly.

Roof anchors and tie downs can also be installed (it is wise to seek a professional to do this unless you have proper experience yourself). The type of anchors and tie downs you will need, how many to use, sizes, the installation method and more specifications will be determined by the wind zone you are in and the kind of soil that you have surrounding your home.

Windows are also prone to hurricane damage. The hurricane wind speed can cause them to blow out or break. A great way to protect windows during a hurricane is to install storm shutters. As long as they are installed correctly, they can be locked so they will protect glass windows from the debris that will fly during the hurricane.

Doors will also need to be made hurricane proof. For entryway doors, you should consider replacing them with doors that are storm resistant. One of the most important doors to protect is a garage door. You can also find garage doors that are also resistant to storms.

Be sure that shrubs and trees around a home are trimmed neatly. Bring in any playground equipment, furniture and other objects that have the potential to fly away. With proper care you can save on home repairs caused by damage.


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