How To Prevent And Control Mosquitoes and Ticks In Your Home

mosquitosSummer automatically means ticks and mosquitoes. The risk of contracting west Nile virus or lyme disease is usually high. Added to the risk is also the Chikungunya virus which is mostly found in the Caribbean. People usually blame the weather for the presence of ticks and mosquitoes, but actually they are present all through the year even during winter its just that they like summer just like everybody else.

So how do you safe guard your home. Consumer reports dictate that some chemical repellents keep away mosquitoes and ticks. But most often, it takes more than a single approach to rein on your backyard bugs.

Below are couple of steps to take to control insects and what how to do deal with them if they sting or bite.

Mosquito prevention
Companies nowadays sell mosquito traps that use adhesive pads, fans or electric grids to capture mosquitoes. These devices do terminate some of them, but its not clear whether that translates to a noticeable reduction of your backyard mosquito population. Even more impressive are light emitting devices use sound, light or smell to lure mosquitoes.

Experts warn against using yard forgers which spray mosquito repellent from a can because you might breathe in the pesticides. This is so harmful because they can disrupt your hormonal system that are linked to development, neurological or other health problems. If you prefer all natural solution, there are companies like Mosquito Squad that offers natural treatment to prevent mosquitoes and ticks.

Since they’re drawn to stagnant water, keep your yard free of containers that can trap water and make the water murky or close those water tanks and unused bath tabs. Clear away decaying leaves as they like cool and dark places. Using LED light bulbs on your porch and plugging in a fan when on your deck is also a mild repellent non chemical way.

They are in love with tall grass or lots of shade. So keep your lawn mowed and do away with leaves or other debris, and let lots of sunshine into your yard. Put up a fence all around your property to keep out stray animals that can carry ticks. Always inspect your pets for ticks.

Sprays or Insecticide powders may can in handy but always follow instructions and during that time keep pets away from children. Wear head to toe protective gear.

What to do if you get bitten?

Mosquitoes: Cool compresses a steroid cream like hydro-cortisone which can stop itching. Applying UN-diluted white vinegar can also be a good home remedy.

Ticks: If you develop symptoms of tick-borne illness get medical help. Prompt treatment by using antibiotics cures infections while safe guarding one from complications like acute arthritis or facial paralysis and also difficulty in breathing or even bleeding disorders.

So keeping your lawn or front porch clean and dry is the best prevention measure to take before it gets out of hand.


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