How to Make Your House a Home

How to Make Your House a HomeTurning a house into a home is not hard to do; actually it can be fun. All you need to do to transform a house into a home are several easy steps such as rearranging your furniture. It is amazing how different and uplifting you can make your spaces look by moving a table, couch, dresser or bed. By moving furniture around in different positions, you’ll be surprise how good it will make you feel!

Then, how about changing the color of your walls? By changing the color of some of your walls, you can make your rooms look bigger, smaller or just different. Go to your local paint store and check out the many colors that are available.

Another way to make your house a home is by adding a new, fresh look to your sheets, pillows, curtains and bedding. This can be done by adding ribbons or pompoms to borders or by buying new linen. This simple touch can transform and uplift a bedroom or living room.

Mirrors are still another great way to transform a house into a home. Mirrors make a room look bigger and they also enhance a room’s natural lighting. Several mirrors in a room also give a room an opulent and spacious look; a look that is cozy and inviting. If you have a fireplace that you have not used in a while, give it an update and transform it into something wonderful! You could paint the inside of your fireplace a bold color or place a group of candles together and light them to create an inviting and warm setting.

Then, bring out your old photographs and display them in key areas of your home; such as on top of your fireplace mantel, on a table in your living room or on top of small bookcase. Another great way to transform your house into a home is by bringing in freshly cut flowers, river rocks, pine cones or whatever you can find and place them in tall glass vases. Place your rocks and pine cones on large glass bowls and place them in certain areas throughout your home. 1A Contracting can help you with your remodeling ideas.

For color in your kitchen or dining room, place some fruit in large vases or bowls on a table and as the seasons change, swap the fruit out for pumpkins, apples and gourds.

To conclude, transforming a house into a home is not hard to do; all it takes is creativity and a desire to make your home unique and personable. For more information on this topic check out 1A Contracting.


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