Home Security System: A Safety Partnership

742223Choosing a home security system should never be a spur of the moment decision. Just as every home is distinct, the security system needs for every family varies. If the home is unoccupied frequently for multiple days, due to frequent travel, the homeowner may have different security needs than someone who is home most evenings. The cost of the security system should also be a consideration. If the homeowner isn’t able to afford long-term monthly payments for monitoring, other lower cost options should be considered. A home security system not only provides the homeowner with peace of mind that their home and belongings are protected, but that there family members are safe when they are tucked in for the night.

The first step to choosing the perfect security system is to determine the security budget. Consideration should be given to not only the initial costs, but any monthly monitoring costs. Security systems become obsolete like any other electronic device. Choosing a model that can be upgraded will eliminate the costs involved with a complete replacement. If the system isn’t upgradable, the security system should be evaluated for replacement a minimum of every five years.

Once the security system budget has been calculated, it’s time to start the shopping process Checking with friends and neighbors, who have home security systems may provide some shopping options to not only consider but to not consider. The decision should not be based solely on a positive referral. Everyone has different security needs; a system that meets one family’s needs may not be the best choice for the family that lives across the street. Make a list of security system options that must be included and ones that would be great to have, but are optional. Research security companies including: installation costs, equipment costs, monthly fees, features, and upgradability. Watch for hidden fees. Some companies charge each time they take action when an alarm is triggered. Read the contact carefully before you sign it. The security company shouldn’t have a problem with you taking a copy of the contract home for a few days, before you make a decision. Purchasing a home security system should be approached with the same care and consideration given to purchasing the home it will protect.

Once the purchase is completed and the security system is installed, usual safety behavior should be continued. Lock the doors even when someone is home, keep the exterior lights in working condition, and look through the peep hole before opening the door. A home security system isn’t a substitute for common sense. It partners with the homeowner to provide a secure and safe environment for all family members.


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