Helpful Items For Retail Businesses

Helpful Items For Retail BusinessesThere have been many innovations that have come about over time which have changed the society in which we live. Going back many years we have the innovation of the internet. Look where that has taken us today! You can do almost anything online. You can grocery shop online, you can pay bills online, you can take a picture of a check and your bank will deposit it through an application, among lots of other daily tasks we deal with. Think about the innovation of the cell phone. It seems like everyone is glued to their cell phones these days. But if you remember, it wasn’t all that long ago when cell phones were large and brick-like and before that we didn’t even have cell phones! If you work in the retail business, you may be wondering what are three innovations for your retail business. I know my father who is the Vice President of a company over their retail division is always looking for new innovations for the company to utilize.

First let’s look at wire shelving as an innovation for retail businesses. Wire shelves have some advantages. One advantage is that they can hold a lot of weight. This might not seem important in a retail store where clothes are on the shelves, but once you start piling jeans for instance, things start to get heavy. Another benefit to wire shelves are their cost effectiveness. They require less maintenance than their counterpart of wood shelves, they hold up better over time than do plastic shelves, and they perform better than glass shelves. Not to mention they are easy to keep clean unlike glass which collects smudges and wood which attracts dust. Sometimes wire racks are on wheels which makes displays for a retail store easy to move around at your discretion. Harper Bennett is your source for great wire shelving. They have different options for you to choose from but all are NSF approved components.

A second innovation for retail businesses is the idea of adding QR codes to pants to make shopping easier. According to Forbes one jean store, Hointer, added QR codes to their jeans, so men can simply scan the jean they like, enter their size and it’ll be waiting for them in the dressing room. To me that is so cool! Long gone are the days of sifting through piles of jeans to find your right size. I think this idea is ingenious. As someone who has both personally sifted through piles of jeans for the right size, and worked as a retail store associate having to constantly re-fold stacks this is great!

Finally, a third innovation for retail businesses has to deal with Nike Mexico. They have decided to use a Facebook App that allows its customers to pay for their products using points accrued through their running. Each kilometer they run helps them accrue points. Then those points can be used towards Nike apparel. Pretty ingenious! It’ll not only make individuals run more, but it also sells clothes well. So if you are in the retail business do some research and figure out what innovations there are out there that might benefit you and your store. Or if you are really creative, come up with something on your own and patent it!


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