Getting Your Windshield Repaired

Getting Your Windshield RepairedThe decision on whether to go for windshield repair or replacement is one that confuses motorists. Generally, you will end up saving a lot of money by repairing your windshield. Traffic laws in different states bar you from driving when you have a damaged windshield. The choice of which method to go for is dependent on the extent of damage. On the positive side, most auto insurance policies do cover costs of windshield repair. Windshields with bulls-eye chips, star chips and chips that are 6 inches and below should be repaired rather than replaced. You can either refer the matter to windshield repair experts or do it on your own. For the latter, Tri Glass Windshield Repair Kits will come in handy.

How the situation arises

As you are driving along roads in town, city or highway, you may stumble upon flying debris. This knocks against your windshield and leaves tiny cracks. At times, the problem may arise out of a windshield that was not properly installed. Vibrations from your car’s engine coupled with strong winds causes it to crack. Since these cracks are so tiny, it is very easy to ignore them. At times, you keep on reminding yourself that come weekend, you will fix the problem. Eventually, the cracks widen leaving you with a big problem. Driving with such cracks is a safety hazard is it disrupts your view. You also stand the risk of non-deployment of airbags in the event of a crash.

Having your windshield repaired

If the chip or crack on your windshield does not span the length of a dollar bill, it means the auto glass can be repaired. The process takes almost half an hour and your insurance company picks up the charge. During the repair process, technicians first drill into the chipped area. This is done in order to facilitate the flow of resin. Next they vacuum the area in order to suck out air before injecting resin. Once the process is complete, the crack seals completely and becomes air tight. When done by a skilled person, you can hardly tell that there was a crack in the first place.

Quick response to save your windshield

Technically, windshields consist of two glass layers that have been joined together. In between, there is a vinyl layer. Auto glass is designed to shatter on impact and hence reduces possibility of injury from broken glass pieces. The moment you notice a crack on your windshield, you should act quickly. Get someone to repair it. The longer you wait, the larger the crack becomes. This goes on until your windshield becomes irreparable. With the right equipment, you can even do the repair work on your own. Windshield repair kits are readily available in shops that sell automotive parts and accessories.


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