Garage Maintenance 101

Occasionally, garage door springs may break or have a loose nut or screw. The springs are supposed to be installed at the recommended tension settings. Your garage door springs Atlanta expert knows this too well. Any changes in the level of spring tension will result in poor opening and closure movements. The door might not open fully leaving insufficient space to allow you drive in or out of the garage. By calling your repair company, they will dispatch a team to your residence. Usually, there is someone who takes down details of where you live. That same person is also supposed to obtain details of how your door is behaving.

Zero-in on the failure

A typical garage door consists of the door itself and mechanism to enable it move up and down. The most common problems that you are going to encounter include loud noises from the moving parts, a jerky movement and your door getting stuck. At the time of seeking for help, you should be able to say what the problem is. The moment you mention any of these areas, a repair technician will have an idea of what he needs to deal with. Give as many details as possible regardless of how foolish it may sound to you.

Quick turnaround time

Anytime you send a distress call, you expect the response to be fast. Majority of garage door repair and installation companies do have crews stationed in different areas. All it takes is a radio call to alert the crews near your locality of your need for assistance. They should present some form of identification before you can let them into your premises.

Diagnosing the problem

Before any maintenance work can be done, the technician on site must first identify the source of malfunction. Your garage door may be having an electrical, mechanical or structural break down. The technician will note all these details down on a work book. He might have to consult the office for cost estimate details. Eventually, he will tell you how much it will cost to repair the damage. Once you agree, he immediately gets down to work.

Having a maintenance agreement

This ensures that you do not have to keep searching for a new service provider anytime you want a garage door service. Find a good company to work with. Your friends can give recommendations of companies they have dealt with. You could also carry out research via the internet. Negotiate terms of service and make this your service partner. This is a convenient method that saves you time. You can also negotiate a price that is not heavy on your pocket.

Regular garage maintenance keeps your garage door in top shape. With a service commitment in place, you are assured of assistance even in times of emergency.


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