Finding The Perfect Lawnmower

Finding the correct lawn mower is not as simple as most would believe. If you want to have beautiful and healthy grass, then it is essential that you pick the right lawn mower for the job.

The first consideration to make, is how fancy does your prospective lawn mower need to be. Does it need a ton of horse power like the ExMark Lazer Series, or can it be a low horse power model? Does it need to be gas powdered or electric? Would you like a solar powered lawn mower? The moment that you start shopping for a new lawn mower you’re going to get hit with all of these questions, so it is important to have a rough idea of what type of mower you need beforehand.

Another thing to consider when buying a lawn mower, is your physical fitness level. Some large heavy mowers can take a lot of strength to push, especially up hills. Obviously smaller mowers are much easier to push, especially for smaller individuals. If you aren’t particularly fit, or even if you are, then you might also consider buying a self-propelled lawn mower, as they take a lot of the work out of mowing itself. You basically just have to hold on for the ride, gently guiding them along.

You may not even need an electric or gas powered lawn mower at all, especially if your grass is very delicate. In this case all you really need is a manual push mower. The newer models aren’t anything like their antique counterparts, which took heaps of muscle and physical strength to push along. Today’s manual push mowers glide along your grass cutting it with total ease. What is even better is that other than occasionally resharpening the blades, they don’t require any further money to maintain in gas, oil, or electricity. Manual push mowers are also super healthy for the environment.

Perhaps you don’t even want to have anything to do with your lawn mower, and instead you want it to be completely automated. Well if this is your desire, then today’s modern technology can make that possible. There are many new lawn mower models available that are 100% self-automated, just like what you would see a robot do in a futuristic science fiction movie. Most of these fully automated lawn mowers are solar powered or electric. The only mandatory requirement for these highly advanced mowing robots, is that they require a boundary wire to keep them in your yard. They also cannot be used on lawns that are highly complex with many obstacles. These robotic mowers work best on flat surfaces and fairly straightforward lawn layouts. As the technology moves forward, expect these mowers to be able to do much more than they can today.


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