Do You Need Furnishing Tips For Your Home?

When it comes to making purchases, most of us have different priorities for different types of purchases. When seeking a restaurant in which to eat, we may decide based on the time it will take, or the type of food we desire. When buying clothes, we may seek price concessions, ease of locations and style as our top and main priorities, but how about when buying furniture? Well if you are buying furniture that will be pieces you wish to have with you over the years than quality is your chief priority, and no one has a better commitment to quality than Henkel Harris Furniture.

Henkel Harris pieces of furniture are constructed of only solid hard wood materials and are committed to making a stylish design that is timeless and will offer its users durability. Cheap furniture may be easy initially on the pocketbook; but as soon as you start to live with it and use it, its lack of quality will be evident in just a short time of use, not so with Henkel Harris craftsmanship. Henkel Harris’ sideboards, nightstands and dressers have solid wood constructed drawers that slide easily in their custom fittings, and therefore are easily opened and shut which means they won’t wear out, nor break down like lesser quality press-board drawers. But solid construction is only part of the story with Henkel Harris. The finishing process at the Henkel Harris factory is where the real difference comes in.

After your piece of furniture is constructed and complete, it moves on to an expert finisher who will spend 25% more time on just the finish process alone. As Henkel Harris uses all wood, and each piece of wood is unique, then so is its finish. Being finished one piece at a time by an expert craftsman, each piece is finished so as to bring out the natural uniqueness and fine grain in each piece. This is why no two pieces of Henkel Harris wood furniture is exactly alike, each is unique in its finish based on its wood characteristics, making each piece an original work of art.

The name Henkel Harris has become synonymous with its’ finish which is always a high shine that is second to none in clarity, overall quality and durability. The Henkel Harris furniture commitment to using quality hard woods with a stellar finish. Henkel Harris is a family owned operation and its products are made right here in the U.S.A. The quality behind Henkel Harris wood furniture can be yours by shopping at fine department stores such as


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