Convert your garage into a getaway

Are you looking for additional space in your home but do not want to go through adding an extension? Transforming your shed or garage is an excellent and affordable way to create space AND add value to your home. Although remodelling this space still requires significant renovation, a main benefit of this idea is the structure is already there. You are just not utilising it yet!

Whether a detached or attached garage, chances are the excavation, framing and foundation of the structure are already in place. The main concerns will be making the space safe and comfortable to be in. Whether it be a second lounge, a study, an extra bedroom, a children’s den,  a gym or studio, the following technicalities should be looked into ;

The Garage: Perfect place for a pool tournament


•    Waterproofing the structure: Ensuring no form of precipitation will leak through the roof or walls.

•    Insulating the roof: Chances are the garage roof is un-insulated, making the room significantly colder.

•    Laying a new floor: Garage floors tend to be of concrete. Wood laminate or carpet would be suitable replacements.

•    Electricity: Ensure appropriate wiring is in place and safely installed.

•    Ventilation: New windows may need to be installed, which will also create new light opportunities.

•    Cleaning and fumigating the garage: Ensuring the space is free of any pests.

•    Heating and Cooling requirements: Temperature control would be suitable for cold winter nights and hot summer afternoons.

There is the somewhat hazy area of planning permission to delve into, depending on the size of your garage. Generally, if you haven’t already used up your ‘permitted development rights’ on other extensions, and you won’t be adjusting the appearance of your home from the street, you should be good to go.

So chuck out the tins of old paint, donate any old toys and unused fitness equipment, and dispose of the piles of pointless clutter. Reclaim your garage space this Spring!

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