Build or Replace a Deck

A deck can be a great addition to any home, a place to gather with family and friends or a place to relax. If you deck is starting to show its wear and it is time to make the decision whether or not to keep and improve or start over it can be an exciting time to make adjustments and additions to have the finished product be a deck of your dreams. When it is time to decide whether or not rebuild an existing deck or replace a deck there are a few major considerations in the decision process.

  • What is the deck made of?

Is the deck made out of wood, brick or an artificial material? This could be a deciding factor of deciding to build or replace too. If the wood is still in good shape it can be reinforced and polished and kept. If there are a lot of damaged parts it might be easier to scrap.

  • How old is the deck?

If the deck is older it might help make the decision to simply start over with your deck. Older decks weren’t’ designed to be used as they typically are today. Decks are much more than a post to look outside, to eat meals and relax. A deck can be a place where gatherings are held, dinners are cooked not just eaten and where things like hot tubs can be added for relaxation. The older deck may not have the layout of the safety structure for what you intend to be able to use your deck for.

  • How big is the present deck and how big do you want it to be?

In some cases it will be possible to build and add on to an existing deck but in others it might end up being more work. Keep in mind that the larger the deck the more support the deck is going to need and in order for a stable deck it is important to take the old supports and either make them work as is or reinforce or to start over.

  • What is the safest option?

Ultimately it comes done to what is going to be the safest, if the deck is in poor condition with possible unseen dangers it needs to be taken down and a new one needs to be erected instead. If the deck is safe than the decision is to do what is the easiest to get to the end result the fastest is the right decision to make. In help with determining whether or not the deck is safe it is important to hire a contractor to evaluate your deck and inform you on what is best. With they will help and determine the best options and will help you get to the desired end result.


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