Benefits Of Concrete Floors

You may think “prison like” or “cold” when you first imagine concrete flooring. While this is a common option for industrial areas, chances are you have not thought about using it in your residential space. However, with its ability to be colored and polished sheen, paired with the many benefits that are offered, chances are you may implement the use of concrete in your next home improvement projects. Chances are you will have your mind blown by the elegant and beautiful aesthetic appeal that a concrete floor can offer.

The following list will provide some of the most beneficial advantages of utilizing a concrete floor:


A concrete floor is a sustainable option if you utilize the current existing slab, which will help to avoid the consumption of new materials. Additionally, you should not limit the use of concrete flooring to garages or basements. The fact is that once concrete is sanded, polished and sealed, it can provide a refined look for any space in the house. You can further enhance the feel of the flooring with rugs and modern furnishings.

Easy Care

The only care that you will have to provide for a concrete floor is a weekly mopping with soapy water. However, it is important to add a baseboard to avoid unsightly debris and dirt in crevices between the wall and floor. You can select a modern material for the baseboard to ensure it complements the modern look of the floor.


Concrete only costs about $2 to $6 per square foot to polish and provide a lustrous and appealing sheen. The natural and subtle cracks in the floor will provide a natural and stone-like feel that will actually complement your home.

If you want a more elaborate finish consider the options provided by stained concrete in Minneapolis. The fact is that you can create a completely unique finish based on your personal tastes and the style and décor that is currently in your home.


If you have a concrete floor that has been polished and maintained on a regular basis, it can last well over 100 years. Additionally, the look and feel of the concrete will tell the story of the home and provide an architecture appeal for the home.


If you are using the concrete floor in an exterior space, you can use a silicone based sealant to avoid the wet look. It is also a popular option for the transition from indoor to outdoor spaces, such as a patio to a breakfast area.

You can also choose to stamp the concrete to make wood designs or etch the floor for additional unique appeal. Adding a concrete floor to your home will provide a modern, sleek look that will last for many years to come.

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