A fashion guide to working outside

Ensuring you are properly suited and booted for working outside may seem like an obvious and straightforward exercise, but (and at the risk of sounding like your Mother) taking extra care when choosing your outdoor work attire is still rather important.

Spring is on its way, and whilst trying to keep warm whilst working outside will HOPEFULLY soon be a thing of the past, we are not quite there yet, and it is a wise move to ensure you are dressed to suit the weather when working outside.

A good start would be acquiring some thermals. Thermal underwear fights moisture away from your skin. Thermal vests, socks, and dare I say long johns may not be up there with the most fashionable choices you will ever make, but they will provide an extra layer of skin. This allows the warm air from the insulating layers to reach your skin which ensures a lower risk of catching hypothermia.

For when it is raining, a waterproof jacket is also beneficial for the above reason, in addition to providing a degree of comfort when working against this potentially soaking form of precipitation. Waterproof jackets have a laminate construction which consists of an outer covering bonded to a water proof defence. Good waterproof jackets also add to the warmth factor too.

Cup of warm tea optional


Gloves are also important when working out in the cold. The best route is perhaps the fingerless option, which will provide warmth without compromising your movement or grip.
Staying warm isn’t all you have to consider however, when preparing for the great outdoors.

The trusty hard hat is an important piece of safety attire which is legally required on construction sites across the country.  It will protect you from the hazard of falling material and softens any impact to the head. Considering you see, hear, smell, taste and think with your head, it is an important part of your body to protect.

Lastly, be sure to be wearing the correct footwear when doing your DIY outside. Boots with steel toe caps offer the most protection. As well as being waterproof, they offer security when working outside from objects falling and crushing your toes. They are also hard-wearing which is not only good for the longevity of the boots, but great value too.

By considering the above pointers, you will ensure you have a safe, warm, and productive time when working outside.

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